Scheepvaartbedrijf Schot is a reliable company founded by family Schot in 1985. Its roots lie in an old inland and river tradition.

Now the main purpose is to ensure good service and always deliver cargo by sea and river on time. All over the world!

It is certified by German Lloyd  and the Dutch Shipping Inspection.

To secure the shipping, it is closely related to Vertom Scheepvaart Handelsmaatschappij B.V. Rhoon. This company owns and manages 40 vessels from 1.500 tons up to 39.000 tons.

Managing vessel Meridiaan, owner Ancor shipping B.V.

Visiting address

Scheepvaartbedrijf Schot C.V.
Burg. Aalberslaan 78
2922 BE Krimpen a/d IJssel (NL)
Phone +31 180 59 70 00
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